1. Autumn is my favorite season.


2. I concoct my own chai tea with specific herbs.


3. A purple, teal, and gold combination makes for my favorite color. Yes, its now One color.


4. Beer over liquor.Specifically, Substance Ale by Bissell Brothers based out of Portland, ME.


5. My life depends on a PAPER to-do list, the smartphone thing doesn't work for me. AT ALL.


6. I'm a Pad Thai connoisseur.


7. My daughter's name is Khaiia and she just graduated from "newborn".


8. When I was a kid, a "friend" dumped a bucket containing baby snakes, caterpillars, and other bugs over my head. Now I am petrified of caterpillars because it curled up in my long hair!


9. On a lighter note, I am a sucker for pretty notebooks and shiny stationery.


10. The beach is my sanctuary.


10 Things You Might Not Have Known About Me