Adventure on the Coast with Cassea

Massachusetts Photographer, Model from Boston

Who: Cassandra, IG handle: @casseacoastal

What: Battling Boston traffic to reach this beauty for a sunset photo session.

When: June 1st, 2017

Where: In the secret garden located in her backyard and also another hidden gem that I really don’t want to share with others! Lets just say it’s in Plymouth and Cape Cod. Read on to find out the location- I may give in.

What stood out the most: Cassea's Instagram tag line is no joke. She is a coastal adventurer. Towards the end of our shoot, Cassea went in the water. Dress and all. After watching her brave the cold, and not to mention the lurking seals and nearby shark beuys- I decided to dip my swollen feet in. It felt SO good. Never mind the red algae that made the water look super eerie.

Complications: Besides the Boston traffic? Just nasty blood sucking ticks, oh and the urge to constantly pee because my growing baby likes to get comfy on my bladder. Other than that, the photoshoot was amazing! Most importantly, I made a new friend who is incredibly inspiring and full of strength. No, I’m not lucky. I’m blessed to meet people like this.

Now, I think it's time for you to take that leap and collect high quality images of yourself-for you.



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