Backyard Baby Shower Joy- Anisha & Nirajan

These two were more than just random inquires of my photographic services. They are my nearest and dearest friends who are becoming first time parents in May! I'm probably just as excited as they are, maybe even more so. I do love babies, especially the ones who loves to sleep, eat, poop, and be cute.

Anisha and Nirajan doing the cake cutting.

When they asked me to be a part of their baby shower, I felt honored and excited to capture candid and posed moments.

Homemade by their friend who planned the entire event.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, temperatures were just finally warming up, and although it would've been awesome to have a BBQ-they chose the convenience of catering from Avellino's Italian Restaurant, so that everyone was able to enjoy the day instead of having a friend man the grill.

The day started out with a mimosa bar and chilled beer. Mom to Be was glowing as usual, while Dad to Be chilled out with a mimosa. The beauty and result of pumping extra blood through her body just to grow another beautiful human. Such a fascinating concept of what most of us are capable of! If a mimosa bar and chilled beer doesn't fancy you, then maybe some Vodka or Jack Daniels would. As for me, I stuck with chilled Orange Mango juice and munched on cheese and crackers until it was time for the Italian cuisine.

Around 75 guests were invited to celebrate their joy, and I tried my very best to capture everyone. Especially the winners of "Don't Say "Baby"" game and "Who can finish baby food first". If it pertains to food, I was definitely going to partake. Probably the biggest mistake I made that day. To all the babies out there, you can enjoy your baby food. It's something that I will never ask you to share. Take a look at the day filled with family and friends. I was lucky to have met some new ones and played catch up with some old ones. And best of luck to the new parents!

Oh, You want more? Attended the baby shower? Want to find your photos? Check out the gallery here.

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