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Two Locations:

Her apartment in Maine & Town landing in Falmouth, ME

Portland Maine Photographers, Falmouth Townlanding

Our History -Chelsea and I met in high school. Yes, ages ago. Although we were not as close as I would like, our friendship was based out of pushing each other towards achieving our goals. From what I can recall, we ran into each other at the gym years ago. She pursued her modeling career in NYC while I stayed in Maine still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Let's fast forward to last month. We began following each other on social media and I was so amazed at her ability to pose, it really is a talent and a skill that I fill so silly practicing.

How we made it happen- Social media is the shit. I praise it- connecting to strangers and friends who share the same passion and goals. Chelsea reached out and DM me via Instagram @sokkhaphotography and agreed on a date. This was a collaboration between Aporei, Chelsea Roy and Sokkha Photography. Aporei supplied their sophisticated lingerie that would look stunning on Chelsea and I went to work at taking clicks. Aiming for lots of natural light was the main goal. Finding a private area in addition to a beautiful scenery was an objective also.

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Pros with Photographing with a professional model:

Chelsea Roy became a different person in front of the camera. If you're a photographer or a company looking to market your product-I highly recommend her. It was like she could read my mind. All I had to do was capture her most flattering angles and adjust the camera the right settings. She made everything look so easy. She made my job even easier.

Challenges-Inside her apartment, we needed to race with the lighting. Since I'm a natural light photographer, I purposely didn't bring any external flash or box lighting. The ½ hour we were shooting inside was a bit tricky due to the cloudy overcast which actually turned out to be a blessing- it became a perfect diffuser for when we went outside to the Town Landing.

Shooting outside was a bit different than shooting inside, we had to be mindful of other people walking around and cars that would photobomb our images. As the clouds moved away, the sun would shine-forcing me to constantly adjust my exposure. The wind nicely blew Chelsea's outfit to add motion in the images. We had so much space to play with. Good thing it was a quiet Thursday. Falmouth is normally a slow and peaceful town anyway. Definitely a place where you should visit.

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