Smoke Bomb Boudoir Photoshoot

A huge thank you to Sokkha for letting me assist this photoshoot with her. I had fun assisting Sokkha, she was really easy to talk to, she is a great a lead photographer. I felt really comfortable working with her since this is my first shoot. I am really lucky to be interning with her.

This was Kayla’s first time modeling for boudoir and it was evident she was nervous. She was brave doing this in the freezing cold. The smoke bomb were incredibly beautiful to work with but it was a bit tricky to maneuver because of the wind, we had to figure out the best position with the wind factor and how it dispersed without affecting Kayla’s breathing and Sokkha’s composition.

This photoshoot was definitely creative and fun. This was a boudoir photoshoot in the woods in Fellsway. The weather was cold with snow on the uneven ground, which made it challenging for me to run around with the smoke bomb while listening to Sokkha’s direction.

I ran around Kayla with the smoke bomb and had literally 90 seconds which made us all nervous! The smoke was beautiful but it was too much at one point. It made it difficult to see Kayla because the smoke was blocking her. We learned from our mistakes and decide to change a few things. Keeping the smoke bomb away from Kayla but closer to the camera, to add depth of field in the images. Also being aware of our surroundings. While running around, Sokkha captured some funny moment of me tripping over a rock but I was fine and I didn’t get hurt. We all laughed together while viewing that picture from the back of her camera screen.

You can find this sexy two piece lingerie at, Thank you so much owner Andi of Aporei for these lovely pieces!

Thank you so much for viewing our smoke bomb shoot! You may enjoy these other posts.

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